Opening for the Indigo Girls

I'm a little behind on my blogging, but on February 24, 2018, I had the opportunity to open up for some of my musical heroes, the Indigo Girls. It was not the first time I'd had the chance to play with them, but it was the first time I'd done so as a solo musician under my own name, and it felt pretty special. Needless to say it was an honor, and it was also incredibly fun! The Red Clay Theater was a wonderful venue, the audience was engaged and generous, and Amy and Emily invited me back up at the end to close the show with them. Thanks be!


Warming up pre-show in the green room

Thanks be

I think it's part of human nature to spend some time reflecting on the past year as it draws to a close. At the end of 2016 I made some major changes in my life, both musically and personally. Change is always difficult, even when it's voluntary, if for no other reason than the uncertainty that comes with the unknown. But we all must make our leaps of faith at certain times. My guiding principle has always been to lean into the things that bring joy and let go of the things that become a drag on the spirit. 2017 was all about leaning into the joy of music (rock and roll!) and collaboration with friends both old and new.


I feel profoundly grateful for so much this year... for all of the opportunities I had to perform live... for all who made the recording project for "Now" one of the most creative and supportive I've been a part of from the studio time to post production, video making and promotion... and for all who came out to shows, sang along, listened to the new album, and supported me both professionally and personally through musical changes and personal losses. The two CD release shows in Atlanta and New Orleans at the end of the year felt like the culmination of all of this, with so many friends both on the stage and in the audience filling Eddie's Attic and Chickie Wah Wah with the big love vibe and what felt like musical magic. I will never forget those nights and cannot express how much they meant to me. Thanks to Libro Musica, you can see some pictures and videos from the Atlanta show here, and I'll also paste some below.

peace, st


Pictures by Libro Musica from Eddie's Attic (November 3, 2017) CD Release Party with Ben Williams on bass, Josh Birmingham on drums, Matt Henderson on keys, Jimmy "Bones" McAlpin on electric, and Amy Ray, Seersha, and Hannah Thomas on guest vocals!!



Happy CD Release Day

It's hard to believe the day has arrived. In some ways it's been a long journey, but in others a quick sprint. I am so grateful to everyone who helped to bring this album to life and also helped me to share it with you. I am part-hermit and need nudging sometimes to get out there more in the world. So here I am. And here you are. The time is now. Let us honor and celebrate it.




Happy Halloween!

We are at the cusp of November, and I'm counting down the days this week until the album comes out officially on Friday. It's been quite a journey to Now. I started doing a countdown a couple of weeks ago via 1 minute Instagram videos that give a snapshot of my musical journey each year and then a snippet of a song I wrote that year. Twenty years over twenty days in twenty minutes. It's been kind of crazy to go from mostly posting abstract images of things I see while out running to a daily videocast, but it's been good too. Doing the countdown has had the unintended effect of reminding me of the journey that led to now and hence that now is just another part of the journey that will continue. It is not just an end destination, it is a beginning too as every moment is.


In other news, I will be appearing on the lunchtime show Atlanta & Company on the NBC affiliate in Atlanta, 11 Alive on Friday, Nov. 3rd with Ben Williams on bass and Matt Henderson on keys. We are going to play a couple songs and talk about the record and release party show at Eddie's Attic that night, and you can stream it live here!


I've also had the opportunity to talk more in-depth with some folks over the last few weeks about my musical journey thus far and the new record, songwriting, process, community, etc. My sincere thanks to everyone for their time and interest and offering me a platform! Below are some links you can check out:


Good Gracious Podcast:

Atlanta Intown article by Collin Kelley:

Coffee Talk Interview with Producer and Bass Player Ben Williams:

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Live on Facebook:

The Countdown is On!

I can't believe it's already mid-October! Things are starting to gear up in anticipation of the CD Release with some interviews and requests to come on some podcasts. It's been fun to learn about the new communication landscape and share more about the project with both new folks and old friends. Part of me just appreciates those of us that are still around either making new music or writing about it or both after all these years!


I wanted to share a couple of exciting things:


1) We made a music video that will be released on October 24th! Those of you who have followed me over the years know that I've experimented with making video collages in my DIY way here and there. I love visual arts and jumped at the chance to work with Weston Manders and his team when the opportunity arose. I appreciate working with folks who both know their craft and approach it with creativity and care. We had so much fun making the video and I hope it's fun to watch too!


2) I am very excited to have the team from Libro Musica as my media partner for my upcoming CD Release show! The team at Libro Musica is all about supporting local music. They are THE place to go to learn about awesome artists and their music. Check them out here on Facebook and hit the like button (! Be sure to check back after the Nov. 3rd show to see their coverage!


As always, I feel profoundly grateful to be a part of a community that supports and nourishes music and the arts and those that create them. Thanks for being a part of my circle and including me in yours. Cheers!

Latest News!

I've been busy finishing up the record and working with Weston Manders on my first ever official music video! More to come on that soon! But in the meantime, I wanted to share the latest news: 


I released the title track from my upcoming album, “Now,” as a single this week to give everyone a taste of the sound and feel. Every record is different for me, and this one is no exception. Working with producer, Ben Williams, was a great experience, and he and the band brought fresh creativity and positive energy to the recording sessions. I can’t wait to share the entire record with you, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this first glimpse! Rachel Cholst premiered the single on her blog, Adobe and Teardrops, and you can check it out here! It should also be available for purchase or streaming on the music page on this site through CDBaby, as well as on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

Another bit of exciting news I’m honored to share is that the amazing Bonerama recorded “Mr. Okra” for the new album they’re releasing this week on Basin Street Records! Mr. Okra was inspired by the real Mr. Okra, who is a fruit and vegetable vendor that drives around New Orleans announcing his wares and selling them from the back of his truck. Craig Klein and I wrote the song and recorded it on my last album, “A Place for Everyone” in 2014. It's a thrill now to hear the Bonerama version! The band amps it up a notch and you can feel the joy, joy, joy, joy when you hear it!


It’s always an adventure and a challenge to leave one musical venture and embark on another, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. I feel lucky and honored to have the opportunity to continue to record and perform the songs I write. Thank you for making this possible. I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming show soon!!


I can't believe it's already almost July! I'm excited about the upcoming recording sessions and looking forward to immersing myself in music. It feels like serendipity that the week we chose to record will also be full with friends' shows and my own performances as bookends. Music feeds my musical soul and contributes to a better whole I think. The journey starts July 8th when I'm going to open for Hannah Thomas at Eddie's Attic. Ben and Josh will be rockin' with Hannah that night too before we head into the studio the next day to begin laying tracks for my new record. So on July 9th, be sure to send some good juju our way as you're enjoying your summer Sunday! Hopefully we'll capture something special in the studio as the week progresses, and I'm already planning on some celebrations. Amy Ray will be at the Variety on July 14th and Paul Sanchez will be performing for Red Boots Roots House Concerts early evening on the 15th. Then I'll be playing my second Java Monkey residency show that evening starting at 8pm. I hope to see some friendly faces along the way whether I'm on stage or in the audience. Life is better with live music:)

I Still Believe

I wrote this song in April right before I played a Red Boots Roots House Concert. It's a song about faith in hope that was written from a place of despair about the ways in which hatred and politics intertwine these days to drive wedges between us. It's a song about endurance and recognizing that the march towards people being treated with equal respect based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin, the creed of their religion, or the gender they were born into or are attracted to, has been a long and slow one that many have contributed to over time, and we still have a long way to go.

I decided to play the song that night despite the fact that it was so new, and the response was immediate and overwhelming. My friend, Chardy McEwan, was there sitting in with me on some songs and witnessed the connection. After the show, I asked him if he could help me record the song so I could share it with the RBR Community in a more permanent format. Chardy is the bombdiggity, and he made it happen. He invited me into the Sixthman office after work one day when he had enlisted other Sixthman staff and friends to stay late and man the cameras. Tanner set up a new ribbon mic he wanted to test out, I ran through the song once for a sound check, and then we hit record. Tanner did the audio, Chardy mixed the video and sent me a link and instructions on how to upload it to Facebook. So about a month after I first played it for them, I was able to share the song with the RBR group. How's that for friendship and community?

The news is really heavy of late, and sometimes I find myself rendered mute with despair, but I do still believe that most people think that all people have the right to live their lives in their different skins. So here's me in mine, raw and real with emotion but doing my best to do my part:

New Project in the Works

I'm looking forward to another rehearsal tonight with Benjamin Ryan Williams and the fellows from Atlanta band Dank (Josh Birmingham, Matt Henderson, and Jimmy Bones). We've been jamming on some of my new songs and working them up so that we can lay down some tracks hopefully this summer. On this record, I'll be swinging back towards my rock 'n roll heart while keeping the groove alive and moving. We've only gotten together a couple of time so far, and the vibe is resonating as a pretty deep sound. I love how Matt and Jimmy swap trippy licks between the Moog and guitar while Ben and Josh keep it swinging. There's going to be a lot of heart in this one for sure!

Summer Residency at Java Monkey

Starting in June, I'll be playing the third Saturday of the month at Java Monkey in downtown Decatur, GA. I plan on filling the evenings with songs new and old, inviting musicians and poets who happen by to share their own talents, and generally having a good time surrounding myself with friends and community. Music is a live art form, and you just never quite know what will happen in the moment, which of course is part of the fun!

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