Happy Halloween!

We are at the cusp of November, and I'm counting down the days this week until the album comes out officially on Friday. It's been quite a journey to Now. I started doing a countdown a couple of weeks ago via 1 minute Instagram videos that give a snapshot of my musical journey each year and then a snippet of a song I wrote that year. Twenty years over twenty days in twenty minutes. It's been kind of crazy to go from mostly posting abstract images of things I see while out running to a daily videocast, but it's been good too. Doing the countdown has had the unintended effect of reminding me of the journey that led to now and hence that now is just another part of the journey that will continue. It is not just an end destination, it is a beginning too as every moment is.


In other news, I will be appearing on the lunchtime show Atlanta & Company on the NBC affiliate in Atlanta, 11 Alive on Friday, Nov. 3rd with Ben Williams on bass and Matt Henderson on keys. We are going to play a couple songs and talk about the record and release party show at Eddie's Attic that night, and you can stream it live here!


I've also had the opportunity to talk more in-depth with some folks over the last few weeks about my musical journey thus far and the new record, songwriting, process, community, etc. My sincere thanks to everyone for their time and interest and offering me a platform! Below are some links you can check out:


Good Gracious Podcast:

Atlanta Intown article by Collin Kelley:

Coffee Talk Interview with Producer and Bass Player Ben Williams:

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Live on Facebook:

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