I Still Believe

I wrote this song in April right before I played a Red Boots Roots House Concert. It's a song about faith in hope that was written from a place of despair about the ways in which hatred and politics intertwine these days to drive wedges between us. It's a song about endurance and recognizing that the march towards people being treated with equal respect based on the content of their character, not the color of their skin, the creed of their religion, or the gender they were born into or are attracted to, has been a long and slow one that many have contributed to over time, and we still have a long way to go.

I decided to play the song that night despite the fact that it was so new, and the response was immediate and overwhelming. My friend, Chardy McEwan, was there sitting in with me on some songs and witnessed the connection. After the show, I asked him if he could help me record the song so I could share it with the RBR Community in a more permanent format. Chardy is the bombdiggity, and he made it happen. He invited me into the Sixthman office after work one day when he had enlisted other Sixthman staff and friends to stay late and man the cameras. Tanner set up a new ribbon mic he wanted to test out, I ran through the song once for a sound check, and then we hit record. Tanner did the audio, Chardy mixed the video and sent me a link and instructions on how to upload it to Facebook. So about a month after I first played it for them, I was able to share the song with the RBR group. How's that for friendship and community?

The news is really heavy of late, and sometimes I find myself rendered mute with despair, but I do still believe that most people think that all people have the right to live their lives in their different skins. So here's me in mine, raw and real with emotion but doing my best to do my part:

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