The Countdown is On!

I can't believe it's already mid-October! Things are starting to gear up in anticipation of the CD Release with some interviews and requests to come on some podcasts. It's been fun to learn about the new communication landscape and share more about the project with both new folks and old friends. Part of me just appreciates those of us that are still around either making new music or writing about it or both after all these years!


I wanted to share a couple of exciting things:


1) We made a music video that will be released on October 24th! Those of you who have followed me over the years know that I've experimented with making video collages in my DIY way here and there. I love visual arts and jumped at the chance to work with Weston Manders and his team when the opportunity arose. I appreciate working with folks who both know their craft and approach it with creativity and care. We had so much fun making the video and I hope it's fun to watch too!


2) I am very excited to have the team from Libro Musica as my media partner for my upcoming CD Release show! The team at Libro Musica is all about supporting local music. They are THE place to go to learn about awesome artists and their music. Check them out here on Facebook and hit the like button (! Be sure to check back after the Nov. 3rd show to see their coverage!


As always, I feel profoundly grateful to be a part of a community that supports and nourishes music and the arts and those that create them. Thanks for being a part of my circle and including me in yours. Cheers!

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