Herman Put Down the Gun

by Herman Put Down the Gun

Released 2008
Released 2008
"Songwriting at its absolute best. The imagery is stunning" -- Georgianne Nienaber, The Huffington Post.
Comprised of former members of Cowboy Mouth, Michelle Malone and the Low Down Georgia Revue and STB, Herman Put Down The Gun is a band based on songs and the swelling sounds that bring them to life; harmony, melody, the sweet soul, the rock edge. In a tradition reminiscent of the The Pretenders, Herman creates music that hints at different genres while always sounding uniquely their own, a blend they like to call Rockit-Pop.

Herman formed in Atlanta in December 2007 when friends Sonia Tetlow, Lee Kennedy & Linda Bolley decided to get together and make the music they wanted in the way they wanted, together as a collaborative band. Each brings their stellar musicianship and unique voice to the ever-evolving sound of the group.

A couple of months after forming, Herman was given the opportunity to spend a weekend at a studio in New Orleans and quickly recorded ten songs. These songs are a snapshot of the band at its beginning and a glimpse of where it’s heading.

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