from a seed of sand

by Sonia Tetlow

Released 2006
Released 2006
Organic and musical, melodies of voice and guitar woven into portraits of sound, poems of song.
Rockin' by night and writing by day, her latest solo effort, "From a Seed of Sand," was written on the back of the tour bus while Tetlow toured as the bass player for New Orleans rockers, Cowboy Mouth. Day by day, town by town as the muses struck and the music flowed, the songs came together. She recorded it song at a time whenever the CM tour schedule afforded her some time in the studio.

Called, "mellow but soulfully intoxicating," by Atlanta's Stomp and Stammer magazine, "From a Seed of Sand" reflects Tetlow's continued growth as a musician and songwriter. With this album, she approached each song like a canvas, painting the different colors of sound with the voices of each instrument. At once both a contrast to earlier works like "Spit" and "Swerve," and a clear evolution of the same artistic vision, "From a Seed of Sand" seduces the listener with sounds and space that both lull and stir. With beautiful and intricate guitar work and lyrics both plain and poetic, this album soars, honestly, humanly, in that magic way that music does when left alone to breathe.

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