by Sonia Tetlow

Released 2017
Released 2017
Electric, pulsing, and fresh, the first single off of Sonia Tetlow's upcoming album is an uncompromising and uplifting rock 'n roll nod to the possibility of "Now."
Sonia Tetlow is musician who studies the craft of song, a songwriter who performs with abandon, giving herself freely to the moment of live music making. While Tetlow’s music career has spanned from “punker snarls to banjo pickin' reflection,” she has always been a rock and roller at heart. It’s been three years since Tetlow has released a solo record (A Place for Everyone, November 2014), and roughly one year since she announced her departure from alterna-grass band Roxie Watson. The title track from her new record, “Now,” signals a new era for Tetlow.

Though the breadth of her musical journey shines through, there is no room for compromise--this is Tetlow at her purest, in songwriting and soundscape. “I’ve never been afraid to put it all out there in song,” she comments. Heavy topics, such as the passing of Tetlow’s father earlier this year, clearly inform a number of the songs on the record; yet many, including “Now,” ring determined, hopeful, uplifting. “Essentially [”Now”] is a song that’s about trying to get out of my own way,” she explains. “It’s the last song that I wrote for the album and it made sense that it would sort of culminate in that...a lot of these songs are about reconciling with the past and trying to live in the moment and be at peace with it.”

Over the years, Tetlow has fronted her own bands and played multiple instruments in others, including guitar, mandolin, bass, and banjo. She has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists such as Patti Smith, Indigo Girls, and Hootie and the Blowfish, toured nationally as the bass player for Cowboy Mouth and the guitar and mandolin player for Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show, and regionally as the banjo player for Roxie Watson and guitar player for STB.

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