by STB

Released 2002
Released 2002
"Soaring pipes and equally snarling guitar work... tight-as-a-noose approach and knack for well thought upon lyrical ins-and-outs.." Michael Andrews, FLAGPOLE
"Atlanta's Sonia Tetlow Band, or "STB" for those like myself cursed with marginal rather than total recall, is the proud parent of a fiery new long-player it has christened Swerve. Comprised of Ms. Tetlow, holding down both guitar and vocal duties, bassist Lee Kennedy and drummer Becky Shaw, the powerful STB prefers its rock and roll be prepared from scratch, using only the basic ingredients, leaving no fat behind on its plate. In the process of cranking out inspired tunes-a-plenty, the band also manages to breathe much-needed new life into the rapidly stagnating pool of power trios that matter." -- FLAGPOLE

"More like super-charged poetry than standard rock and roll fare, STB has been compared to Patti Smith, Siouxsie & the Banshees, the Stooges, and early Pretenders... Comparisons fail to do justice, however, to STB's undeniable individuality... With Becky Shaw on drums laying down incessant rhythmic hooks, Lee Kennedy playing sinuous, soul-infused bass, and Sonia Tetlow's edgy guitar and vocals soaring over the whole thing, STB delivers a riveting show from start to finish." -- ROCKRGRL Magazine (Sept/ Oct 2001)

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