Tetlow (Sonia)

Sonia Tetlow is musician who studies the craft of song, a songwriter who performs with abandon, giving herself freely to the moment of live music making. Her music blends Atlanta indie and hints of punk rock with the New Orleans rhythms of her roots. She has fronted her own bands and played multiple instruments in others, including guitar, mandolin, bass, and banjo. She has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with artists such as Patti Smith, Indigo Girls, and Hootie and the Blowfish. She has toured nationally as the bass player for Cowboy Mouth and the guitar and mandolin player for Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show, and regionally as the banjo player for Roxie Watson and guitar player for STB.

Her solo and band discography includes:

Now (Sonia Tetlow, 2017)

Songs From Hell's Hollow (Roxie Watson, 2014)

A Place for Everyone (Sonia Tetlow, 2014)

Of Milestones and Moon Pie (Roxie Watson, 2012)

Own Way Home (Sonia Tetlow, 2012)

Reclamation of the Pie-Eyed Piper (Paul Sanchez and the Rolling Road Show, 2011)

True Stories (Roxie Watson, 2010)

Herman Put Down the Gun EP (Herman Put Down the Gun, 2010)

Herman Put Down the Gun LP (Herman Put Down the Gun, 2008)

From a Seed of Sand (Sonia Tetlow, 2006)

Voodoo Shoppe (Cowboy Mouth, 2005)

Swerve (STB, 2002)

Spit (STB, 2000)

Tetlow's songs also have been performed and recorded by artists such as Bonerama, Glen David Andrews, Paul Sanchez, Arséne DeLay, Cowboy Mouth, Roxie Watson, Maid of Orleans, and Jamie Vessels.

Her latest record, “Now,” released November 3, 2017, reveals Tetlow at her purest, in songwriting and soundscape. Produced by bassist Ben Williams (B.E.N), Tetlow’s songs are wrought large by an Atlanta-based cast of musicians sourced by Williams and recorded at Billy Hume’s studio, The Zone, by engineer Luke Campolieta. Josh Birmingham on drums, Matt Henderson on Rhodes keyboard and Moog synth, and Jimmy “Bones” McAlpin on electric guitar crafted a distinctive rock sound under Williams’ direction. Amy Ray of Indigo Girls and Seersha also provided guest harmony vocals.